Everything Happens for a Reason

and that reason is usually physics

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Hoo boy
Yes, it's me. The Russian Mafia has not taken over my LJ just yet.

But yeah! The fuckin' Newsroom, right??? Ack, just finished the first season, and realized how difficult it is in these modern times to actually wait for the next season to begin. It's going to be June. Oh, my little Aaron Sorkin-fueled idealist liberal news media cast, I miss you SO HARD already.

Shout out to my LJ friends, I miss you SO HARD too, even though some of you I see personally and some of you, well, it's my fault I'm never here.

And you, you know who I'm talking to--kisses!

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Aww! :-) Kisses to you too!

You can tell it's been too long since I've been on LJ--I went looking for a 'like' button! :)

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